And when furniture needs are urgent, time is short or budgets tight, POD is the company that can make it work. We understand that work spaces require personal adjustments to make them fit. We are skilled at making those adjustments within small footprints and in vast office complexes.

POD Office has been in the business of corporate space planning and furniture acquisition for over 17 years. We have relationships with many locally-based manufacturers and work closely with them to tailor standard products to meet your specific needs. Our approach is never cookie-cutter. We love a design challenge and take pride in customizing solutions to create unique work environments.

To keep carbon footprints small and landfills light, POD is increasingly committed to re-purposing. We are adept at bringing new life to old pieces, purchasing locally manufactured product, recycling cabinetry and devising fresh configurations for existing furniture. Our LEED-savvy space plans adapt existing fixtures to alternate use.





636 Chenery Street San Francisco, CA 94131 

pod@podoffice.com |  Tel: 415.908.1875

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