When you want an ergonomic chair that doesn't look like an office chair the Noho Move Chair has your back. Its revolutionary design ensures correct posture and dynamic ergonomic comfort, supporting all of your activities around the hub of home: from dining, to relaxing, to working from home.

Noho chair's patented auxetic mesh seat provides 4-way flex and form-fitting support that cradles your body. Its dynamic 'forward-tilt' and 'recline-flex' combine to deliver uniquely fluid motion and ergonomic support, intuitively responding to your every activity and posture, eliminating pressure points, and improving your body's circulation.

Each chair is made almost entirely from waste plastic, like  ECONYL® regenerated nylon, sourced 100% from reclaimed fishing nets and end-of-use carpets - to help nurture our oceans and environment.

Move With You Noho Side Chair


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